Magnestick of America Inc. and Chevalier International LLC team up, to service the North American market, with a range of lift accessory features that are positioned to help resorts evolve their value add story and build long-term client loyalty and retention.

Summer lift rides continue to grow for several resorts, as the love of gravity sports attracts an ever growing niche of sub-culture freeride & downhill mountain bikers.In light of this growth, Magnestick of America again innovates and now offers three convenient bike rack systems for lifts.The 1) Single RACK, 2) Back RACK & 3) Cab RACK options, allow easy loading and unloading, reducing the struggle of lifting bikes to load and unload, as well as minimizing possible damage to expensive equipment.This solution can transport a large number of bikes and riders, to increase uphill lift capacity, on busy summer days.

Chevalier will be working with a few select resort operators, in Canada and the USA, to trial these systems over the 2012 summer.These new bike rack transport features will delight all end users and Taking care of expensive bikes, yet not sacrificing line speed, means everything to lift staff and riders always like to avoid unnecessary damage to their sweet rides, said Chevalier.The three (3) Bike Rack systems will certainly improve lift staff and rider relations, during the sometimes awkward and tenuous loading and unloading times.

Many resort operators, in Canada and the USA, are already familiar with the Magnestick Kid (i.e. magnetic safety vest), designed specifically around younger children participating in ski & ride school lessons, facilitating zero incidents, in terms of reducing the potential of falling from the lift between departure and arrival terminals.

Adapting quality ski lift infrastructure, with smart technology and value added safety features, can help position resort operators with a marketable advantage.In today's consumer environment, guests that can afford to repeat resort experiences, particularly when introducing family and friends that are beginners, expect their money to impact change and improvements from when they learned.If positive attention is important to a resort operator; then expanding to open new terrain and bowls with new lifts may not be on the future radar, rather the investment focus could be headed towards resorts taking steps to making extreme makeovers to their learning zones.Improving beginner areas, including lift ride experiences, might be the smart way forward for some resort operators, said Chevalier.

The newer lift safety feature being offered is the Magnestick Bar, which locks the safety bar in place between departure and arrival terminals, ensuring guests of all sizes and ages improved security, for the duration of the uphill lifted experience.

Magnestick Kid & Bar both can be installed on the same lift, enhancing the probability of zero incidents for youngsters, keeping in mind not all guests make wise decisions and not every beginner chooses to take lessons from professional instructors on how to use resort infrastructure.

After 30+ years in the industry, working a global career path that weaved through sales, marketing, ski and ride school roles and as former PSIA National Alpine Team member, JP Chevalier, now President of Chevalier International LLC, is delighted to support the French based company Sommital, who recently set up their North American operation.Chevalier the business development agency for North America says, It is a pleasure to see an emerging company provide innovative engineering, to help resort operators take their guest service business to the next level.I am excited to represent Magnestick of America and see this accessory company as a wonderful renovator of existing lift assets and or an additional feature built on to new installations.My memory aligns and compares this change to lifts, to how the binding industry evolved and continued to progress with safety brake innovation, many years ago.In the beginning, there are some that embrace and lead progression.In the end, all follow, says Chevalier.

Damien Laymond and the team at Magnestick of America, is excited about Chevalier International taking on their North American agency.We know North American market quite well since we participate at all NSAA trade shows these last 3 years. It was time for Magnestick of America and Sommital to move up a gear and the new collaboration with Chevalier International LLC is a real opportunity to effectively represent our existing and new product line-up.Indeed, JP Chevalier knows North American snowsport and bike industry very well, as a long-term ski & ride school director and avid mountain biker.His career and commit to youth and adult on mountain experiences and early childhood care in particular, matches our products which are all about safety, making learning easier, less stressful and reassuring all guests in summer and winter that resorts improve service to customers. He's based in North America, so we see a great fit that makes a lot of sense to collaborate with JP.

The future needs innovation and improvements. Magnestick of America is taking a smart step to offering quality solutions for the benefit of all stakeholders and will be pleased to provide more information on the accessory progression they offer.

For more information contact;

Chevalier International LLC

Attention: JP Chevalier

Phone: 970 471 1604


Courchevel - 100% equipped with Magnestick BAR

Courchevel/La Tania/Méribel-Mottaret always on top of technology for skiers safety.

Three years after the development of Magnestick®KID - special safety for kids transportation on chairlift - La Société des 3 Vallées (S3V) who operates Courchevel / La Tania/ Méribel-Mottaret resorts will be the first skiing area in the world with 100% of chairlifts equiped with the very new Magnestick®BAR.

Magnestick®BAR is the universal safety bar locking system. This innovative system can be adapted on all brandsa and all types of chairlifts. It works with the same "magnestism" technololy than Magnestick®KID. When the passenger pull down the safety bar, the bar lock automatically. It is then impossible to pull up the safety bar. It is automaticcaly unlocked just before the arrival station. So no passenger can pull up the bar very far from the arrival and make other passengers uncofortable.

M. Thomas THOR-JENSEN Interview , Director of Courchevel Valley skiing area :  « We transport skiers everyday and I think that it is natural to be preoccuped by our customers' safety. Every type of transport is concerned by safety (airlines companies, bus companies, ...), and nowadays it is one of our priority. To have 100% of our chairlifts equiped must avoid falls consequently to a wrong use of the safety bar before the arrival station for example ».

Magnestick®BAR figures:
Magnestick®BAR is a SOMMITAL product (
Cost of a Magnestick®BAR installation on a chairlift : approximatly 70 000€.
Magnestick®BAR is compatible with Magnestick®KID.

Courchevel/La Tania/Méribel-Mottaret figures:
400 000 skiers every winter
25 millions people transported every winter
3 resorts (Courchevel/LA Tania/Méribel-Mottaret) in the heart of the biggest skiing area in the world

Contact S3V : Jean-Pierre LALANNE – +336 11 24 98 97 –
Contact Sommital : Damien Laymond – +336 09 59 23 93 –


A very nice marketing Movie about Magnestick in Vallnord (Arcalis)



Westendorf is the first Austrian ski resort to adopt Magnestick system.

Westendorf is part of SKIWELT, the biggest Austrian skiing area.

Kids of 2 skischools (The Reds & Ski Top) will automatically wear Magnestick vests (Back Protector).

Magnestick team is very proud of this installation on a special beginner chairlift.

Below a picture of the chairlift Schneeberg at Westendorf with the ski instrcutors :

Magnestick works well in US

Magnestick up in running in USA. Magnestick is working very well at Alpine Meadows ski resort (CA) in USA. With 2 chairlifts "Magnesticked", Alpine Meadows is the first ski resort in North America equipped with our security system.

Below are few pictures of our system in action :

Damien Laymond (Product Manager - SOMMITAL) ; Kent Hoopingarner (General Manager - ALPINE MEADOWS & HOMEWOOD Resorts) : Matthew McBride (Sales Manager - MAGNESTICK OF AMERICA)

Magnestick Of America


A subsidiary in USA : Sommital just opened Magnestick Of Amercia.

Magnestick Of America will be in charge of Magnestick installations in USA and Canada.

Matthew Mc Bride will be the representative.

2nd chairlift in Arcalis

A 2nd Chairlift equiped with Magnestick system in ARCALIS, Andorra !

One week after the opening, regarding to the success of La Basera chairlift equiped with Magnestick system, Arcalis ski resort (part of Vallnord group) decides to equip a 2nd chairlift.

In deed, the 6 places chairlift La Coma which is higher on the slopes will be equiped with the system so the skiing area particularly securised for kids will be bigger.

The installation will be done during january 2010 so the skiers will enjoy it from this winter.

Magnestick en Andorre

ARCALIS, first ski resort in Andorra equiped with Magnestick® system.

The resort from Vallnord group will equip one chairlift with Magnestick.

The "Basera" Poma chairlift  is a very special one for kids.

This investment will make families hollidays more comfortable !

This installation is a very special one because it is the first time out of France for Magnestick.

New set

New set.

More efficient and more comfortable.

All chairlifts will be equiped with this new set (also the 6 chairlifts which are already equiped).

Gourette et Peyragudes s'équipent

Gourette and Peyragudes, first resorts of pyrenees (France) to stick kids on chairlift with Magnestick® system.

The2 reorts members of  NP'Y chain will equip chairlifts Carroussel (Peyragudes) and  Pitchounes (Gourette).

Thes chairlifts are mostly taked by kids.

This investment will make children and families' hollidays more comfortable !

The skischool (ESF) of Gourette and Peyragudes will equip the kids during ski lessons. 

Magnestick back protectors will be also available in the skishops (sale and rental).

Val Fréjus (FRANCE) new resort equiped

Val Fréjus (FRANCE), new resort equiped with Magnestick® system


The "MAGNESTICK VEST" presented by Rossignol at ISPO trade show has been elected ISPO EUROPEAN SKI AWARD, category "ACTIVE KIDS".

ISPO is 2000 brands and is the biggest winter sports trade show of Europe.

This AWARD confirm that MAGNESTICK is a real innovation and a real necessity.

The 3 Vallées: 6 chairlifts equipped

On top of the PRALONG chairlift installed in Courchevel 1850 in 2007/2008, five new lifts will be equipped with the Magnestick® system this winter (2008/2009). The SIGNAL chairlift in Courchevel 1650, the DOU DES LANCHES in La Tania and the AROLLES, COMBES and CHATELET chairlifts in Méribel-Mottaret. These 6 ski lifts are particularly used by children and for ski school lessons.

Installed on a large scale, parents and children should enjoy a stress-free holiday.

ESF ski schools: 1000 back protectors for the ski area

The partnership with SNMSF (French association of ski instructors) has been consolidated.

As of the 2008/2009 season, the ESF schools in Courchevel 1550, 1650, 1850, La Tania and Méribel-Mottaret will replace their standard vests with Magnestick® back protectors for children at ‘étoile’ 2 or 3 level.

More than 1000 protectors will be in circulation in the ski area every day.

Megève in "Magnestick web"


Megève will equip 2 chairlifts :

Chairlifts "Petit Rochebrune" and "Grands Champs" will be equiped with Magnestick system this winter.

Two places will be equiped on each chair of these two fixed grip chairlifts.

Megève is the 8th ski resort equiped in the world.

Magnestick team is very proud to count this famous ski area in "Magnestick web"

New partners

Magnestick recently created partnerships with two insurance companies – Gras Savoye and Mondial Assistance.
A new banking partner – Caisse d'épargne Rhône Alpes – is also backing the project.

For the coming seasons, several French and foreign ski resorts have already shown interest in equipping their ski areas. In order to be able to propose the Magnestick system with new or existing chairlifts throughout the world, Sommital is currently meeting with all ski lift manufacturers.

Magnestick®: creation of the subsidiary Sommital

Six months after it first outing, Magnestick®’s development has lead to the creation of Sommital. This growth has been accompanied by several partnerships. Sommital.

Presented in December 2007, the Magnestick® system has now acquired a legal entity to help with its development: Sommital.

A subsidiary of S3V, it is responsible for developing, marketing and distributing the Magnestick® system. Sommital owns the exclusive license for marketing the system worldwide. système Magnestick®.

Damien Laymond has passed on his responsibilities as communications manager for S3V to take on the management of Sommital products.
Pascal Vie, financial director of S3V, has also become managing director of the company.

Contact :
Damien Laymond - Sommital - BP 10838
81, rue François Guise - 73008 Chambéry
+33 (0)6 09 59 23 93 -

Rossignol: first Magnestick® distributor

At ISPO 2009 Rossignol will present the prototype of a Magnestick back protector that is to go on hire or on sale as of summer 2009.

With regards to costs, the operator is responsible for installing magnets on chairlifts. Back protectors, which will already be widely used by ESF schools, are at the user’s expense (the operator can propose to rent these out to users).



Télésiège équipé

Enfants avec gilet

Enfant au départ